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We work with the latest Alpha CNC machines, which are known for their quality and their sustainable operation. We use fiber and CO2 laser cutters, as they can be used in different fields with more favorable conditions.

The advantage of fiber laser is that it's faster on less thick materials than a CO2 laser. It provides better quality up to 5 mm and has lower cost per workpiece.

The CO2 laser might be faster on materials thicker than 5 mm than fiber laser, while providing good quality.


Machinable board size: 3000mm X 1500 mm

Carbon steel, stainless materials, aluminum

In case of carbon steel, max. 20 mm thickness

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Machinable board size: 2500mm X 1300mm

Plexi, cardboard, wood

In case of plexi, max. 10 mm thickness

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Alpha AFM laser marker

Labeling, marking of metal parts (QR-code, barcode, stb.)

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